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SuperTank SuperTank

Rated 3 / 5 stars

not bad

first off, though, the sound was godawful. the music was annoying as fuck, and there were no sound effects in the whole game, which is pretty inexcusable.

plus, you were more than inspired by a mr. dan paladin- i'd say you pretty much ripped off his style, right down to the skull masks. again, not good.

the camera after you get the high jump is horrible, too. you can't see where you're landing- that's a fundamental gameplay flaw.

having said that, the game itself was pretty solid. tight controls, and it was on the whole fun to play through, but the last upgrade was a bit of a cop-out, and the bosses got easier as you played (the last boss especially was kind of a joke.) i dunno, i'm coming across really negative, but i actually liked it.

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The Commanders Sister The Commanders Sister

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

it feels stale

i don't want to knock the huge effort put in to this, but it just isn't very fun. it doesn't offer anything that countless other TD games have close-to-perfected before, aside from a not-too-fantastic storyline. the main criticisms of the gameplay would have to be how damn slow each wave is to pass the ridiculously large map, and the lack of tower upgrades, and how slow to start up the game is.

sorry dude

Strategy Defense 3 Strategy Defense 3

Rated 3 / 5 stars


It's flashy, it has lots of... stuff to buy, but it's almost devoid of actual strategy... disappointing, the slowdown combined with the attritional nature of the game makes it degenerate into plain old boredom before too long

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Tower Bloxx Tower Bloxx

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Digital Chocolate my ass

more like Digital Crack

if my mobile didn't suck, i'd buy it right now for on the go

! Music Mania ! ! Music Mania !

Rated 4 / 5 stars

best yet.

develop the piano-typing game into a full one, more songs. it's really good.

i liked the cameo of the turntable game, especially the LOL FUCK YOU halfway through the song (i hate you)- but it's easy to get gold on it just by scoring a straight combo with the first half.

the DDR clone was way too hard (even getting bronze on that one was a struggle.), the dodging game was too short, and the marvin spectrum style game was more reactions than rhythm. however, all the games were fun (if youre wondering, 2 trophies unlock the first, 3 for the second, 5 for the third.)

-&amp;gt; World Domination II &amp;lt;- -> World Domination II <-

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

pretty fun, but occasionally frustrating.

basically, if one or none of them attack you at the start, you're sorted. all you have to do is pay off the guy attacking you, build up your own population by rotating propaganda between the guys that aren't attacking you, and watch them wear each other down as you build up warheads, special carriers, and defense batteries.

if two or more of them decide they don't like you, you're screwed, especially when missiles start flying.

beat it a couple times, score around 1.3-1.5mil, dunno how good that is. a multiplayer online version would be class if you sped up the animations, and the weaponry variations need to be more distinct (for each category it's small, medium, big, fucking huge.) perhaps if some types of attack (biowarheads, tank attacks) lowered your own public opinion rating, and if the larger biowarheads lasted more than one turn.

minor criticisms; sound from gunshots is annoying, it doesn't need to be repeated so much. just a couple of shots per soldier and have it end.
when i was down to one enemy, he'd try and diplomacy me into not attacking; this is pointless, since the game is "World Domination", not "World Co-Existence". and when i sent spies to him, clearly showing my spy center, he didn't seem to notice and his like-o-meter even went up...

also, i would recommend a campaign mode with enough variation to keep a player occupied for 10-ish hours or so, that would be enough to make me buy WD3 at least. :)
it's not quite ready for commercial sale, at least imo. but the concept is solid and the multiplayer + campaign modes would do the job

Youdagames responds:

You will have to get a little better in your strategies. There are many strategies that can be used you just mentioned a strategy but its not one that will get you into the top part of the highscores. Believe me

Your issue with being left with one enemy and he starts to do diplomacy on you.

Its about dominating allright! But in order to do that he needs to survive as well. He has low level intelligence on what your power is. So do you on him.
When he sees that you are more powerfull than him he tries to get a treaty out of you in order to buy time and rebuild some of his firepower.

We were really satisfied with the commercial succes of WD1. We hope WD2 will outgrow that succes. It will fuel the production of WD3 for which we have to buy a huge serverpark...

Zelda: Poe Catcher v1.2 Zelda: Poe Catcher v1.2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

needs higher score

runs SURPRISINGLY smoothly even with a crapton of enemies

difficulty curve *perfectly* placed at normal and adjustable

and most importantly, fun. with a couple of neat touches

for instance, max carryable rupees is 999, but the best upgrade also costs 999. so to get it, you have to first get that amount and then spend all your rupees on it, making you unable to heal for a round. the easier it gets to get the rupees, the harder it gets to last 2 rounds without healing. that sealed the 5

suggestions- instead of boomerang to stun, use sword. boomerang is way too much of a hassle to use. then you can put in upgrades for the sword- i had all upgrades by around level 20, so yeah, at that point getting the rest of the awards seemed more like a chore.

otherwise, fantastic.

Takato responds:

While there are a lot of enemies on the screen, there isn't a whole lot of super-complex code running these guys, and they aren't exactly super visually stunning, so it maintains fast speed.

Flash Element TD Flash Element TD

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

holy crapsticks

i completed level 39, then the game ended... how come? >_>

roughly 100,000 score. key is, save your cash as much as possible, don't splash out on too many towers till you have decent interest rolling in

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Scribble 2! Scribble 2!

Rated 3 / 5 stars

what the fuck was with the camera?!

i dont remember the original being that annoying. this isn't even much of a sequel, you added flashy effects (which make it more frustrating) and more patterns, but nothing new.


Swords and Sandals 2 Swords and Sandals 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


to anyone having trouble with the ninja, what i did was get a short sword and max enchant it, stats in str/agi/attack with some in vitality and defense. worked great, once you get past the ninja stars into close combat he sucks- you *need* agility or you'll just get sniped to death